The Singing Waiters

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Melbourne Singing Waiters dress just like the other real waiters and begin the night by welcoming guests and helping to serve the food and drink.

The guests soon begin to realise that all is not as it should be, as the waiters become clumsy, flirty and one even appears to be intoxicated.

As guests finish dinner and plates are being cleared from tables, one of the waiters goes on stage and makes an announcement that the band booked for the evening hasn’t turned up, but not to worry because some of the waiters are prepared to give it a go.

He then invites three other waiters on to the stage and they burst into singing a song.

Performing with only their voices and no instruments, the Singing Waiters slowly engage the audience with their beautiful harmonies, comedy and lousy choreography.

With a repertoire that spans across the 50’s to the 90’s, Melbourne Singing Waiters are ideal for audiences of all ages.

The singing waiters DO NOT SING OPERA and are sometimes confused with the 3 waiters.

Melbourne Singing Waiters sing Acapella which means using only their voices. No backing music or instruments.

Melbourne Singing Waiters are available for corporate events, weddings, private functions, special occasions, themed events etc…


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