Grand Boulevard

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Reviewed on 20th Nov 2017

The band was excellent. They got the party going and kept it going all the night, which was just what we needed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a band. Kind Regards 

Reviewed on 01st Nov 2017

Yes all went well thankyou so much. They were all terrific and everyone had a ball, so I would recommend them to anyone. again, thanks for everything leading up to the big day too

Reviewed on 23rd Oct 2017

Grand Boulevard where fantastic! We have only had good comments back from the staff and partners about both of them. Austin Powers was exactly what we where looking for he did a great job of warming everyone up for the evening and Dean was an absolute pleasure. I can not rave about them both enough. Thank you for all your help in coordinating our entertainment for the night. Kind regards, 

Reviewed on 18th Oct 2017

The band were fantastic and the magician was a huge success. We had a great night and have had heaps of compliments on the entertainment. We are having a 21st birthday party for our daughter on September 19th and were hoping to book the magician. Can you please let me know if he is available? Many thanks 

Reviewed on 05th Oct 2017

Thank you for all your assistance in organising a band for our Conference dinner. the evening ran smoothly and the band were great! Please pass our thanks onto Grand Boulevard. I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future. Kind regards, 

Reviewed on 22nd Sep 2017

We thought Grand Boulevard were fantastic. I would highly recommend them to anyone. We had so many people comment on how great they were and how they really helped make the night such a success. The dance floor was full all night. Please pass my gratefulness on to the members of the band. We are now in Phuket and having a great time. Cheers 

Reviewed on 18th Sep 2017

Just a quick email to say your Friday night show was FABULOUS!! I had a ball and met some really lovely people from the industry and customers in general. Location was fab; food and tastings was fab; music was great; weather was great; staff at the restaurant were fab......bla bla bla..... Everyone was talking about your show on Saturday morning with smiles on their faces and were looking a little tired too (including me). Thank you again and I look forward to catching up again next year in Melbourne if not sooner. Cheers. 

Reviewed on 11th Sep 2017

We had a wonderful event - about 500 people - and the Band was sensational - gave us the perfect backdrop for our party. The song choice was fantastic. Can you please pass on our thanks. 

Reviewed on 01st Sep 2017

Grand Boulevard were very professional and had a great playlist and excellent sound. In fact I felt that the band was the most successful aspect of the event. Thanks very much. Regards 

Reviewed on 23rd Aug 2017

The band was great! Just thank them on our behalf for a great night (and their patience!), it was awesome! Regards, 

Reviewed on 21st Aug 2017

The band were really, really good – had everyone up dancing all night long which was exactly what we wanted. The only thing I noticed was that they didn’t play the songs that we requested which was a little strange as we gave them lots to choose from. Still had a great time tho! Thanks for all your help. Cheers 

Reviewed on 07th Aug 2017

They were fantastic!!! Thank you. Regards 

Reviewed on 21st Jul 2017

Grand Boulevard well and truly exceeded our expectations! Very professional and sounded fantastic. They read the crowd really well and kept everyone up and dancing. Have given your details to a few ppl wanting to use them for parties next year so hopefully you'll hear from them soon. Thanks again,  

Reviewed on 04th Jul 2017

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you, Grand Boulevard for their hard work on Saturday night. The night was a fantastic success and the members thoroughly enjoyed the band. We will definitely be back! Kind Regards, 

Reviewed on 05th Jun 2017

All went very well and the Band was well received and very good. Thankyou & Regards PS I'll send through some photo's in a few days. Regards 

Reviewed on 08th May 2017

The band was great, the majority of people enjoyed it very much (you know some were of a bit an older generation and they found the music a bit loud), we even had always a few people up and dancing.  The repertoire they were playing was great too. When we asked the band when they would like to have a break to eat, they said that one person is a vegetarian and the other wheat gluten intolerant (or so)  but luckily that was not a problem for the kitchen though we have not advised them in advance.   So, please pass onto our thanks to the band and we wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Kind regards 

Reviewed on 03rd Apr 2017

Good Morning, Sorry for the late reply but my husband and I have been away enjoying our holiday. I would like to thank you immensly for helping us organise the band / music for our wedding reception. Grand Boulevard were remarkable and we have had several people asking and commenting on them. They were so professional and we had a lot of fun dancing away. Please thank the band for me on behalf of Russell and I, as well as our guests. They were so approachable and easy going which made things a hell of a lot easier from our side. 

Reviewed on 20th Sep 2016

What a day! It was the most amazing, wonderful, fun filled, perfect day! Grand Boulevard went above and beyond our expectations, we were completely blown away. All night the guests were coming up to us saying how amazing the band was, many want their CD (do they have one? Seriously, people want to but their music!) Unfortunatley for us, we missed the acoustic set because we were getting photos taken but from the guests have said it was certainly a highlight, the set the band played had an amazing mix of music which catered for all ages groups and got the party started. Funnily enough, I don’t think they wanted the night to end either, everyone, including the band were having such a great time. They were professional, friendly and did exactly what I asked “Have a good time!’ We cannot thank you enough for the recommendation. Please please please pass on our thanks, they honestly helped to make the night as wonderful as it was. Should Grand Boulevard ever need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much 

Reviewed on 15th Aug 2016

The night went really well and the band was fantastic! We haven’t had people on the dance floor for quite some time so it was a smashing success. 

Reviewed on 18th Jul 2016

Grand Boulevard were fantastic. They’re playlist appealed to all of our guests aged from 18 to 65. Our guests loved them and we will definitely be booking them for our next social function. Thanks 

Reviewed on 21st Jun 2016

We just wanted to say a big thank you to Grand Boulevard, the music was fantastic for our wedding at Caversham House on Sunday 19 October, the band were so great to deal with & ensured that our guests were having a great time, so many of our guests commented on how great they were. We would also like to thank you for helping us organise the band, it was such a pleasure dealing with you & we will be sure to recommend your company to others. Warm Regards 

Reviewed on 12th May 2016

Last night was a great success (despite the surprise belly dancer that the client hired!... Actually that was a laugh not to mention an ice breaker). Could you please pass on our thanks to the band for being so flexible with multiple speeches and impromptu belly dancers music. He was great. Also thank you to Felicity for being in good form. Everyone seemed to have a good time, including us! Thanks again. Best regards 

Reviewed on 25th Apr 2016

Grand Boulevard were just fantastic ! We were so pleased!! We had such a good night and it turned out better than we even imagined it was going to be. The band called me prior to the event and got details of the night and turned up when they said they would to set up for the evening. They were lovely - very professional - and we would have them all back again without hesitation. The feedback from our crowd of guests was that it was the BEST party they had been to which was fantastic for Dave and I - we put a lot of work into organising the function. They all commented on Grand Boulevard and I was asked about the band so many times during and after the night so I hope they get some further business from our recommendations. Thank you for recommending GB - they were perfect.   

Reviewed on 22nd Mar 2016

We had a great night thanks.. Grand Boulevard were absolutely fantastic and made the night even more special than it already was! We have had many comments from friends and family about how fantastic they were.... We would recommend them to anyone..... and will!!!! Thanks again 

Reviewed on 23rd Feb 2016

They were great. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thanks again 

Reviewed on 09th Feb 2016

It was awesome. The band was fantastic! Thank you. I have contacted dean already to express how stoked we were with what they did.

Reviewed on 08th Feb 2016

Grand Boulevard were AMAZING. Everyone LOVED the band.... they were perfect. Hopefully someone took a photo of the band, when I've got a chance I might send a couple of photos. We are on our honeymoon in Phuket at the moment, so I'll be in touch when we return to Australia. We could not have asked for better entertainment, please thank the band and let them know how wonderful they were. Warm Regards, 

Reviewed on 02nd Feb 2016

My husband I were very happy with the band as were our guests, I m sure Justin and Tammie enjoyed them also, they are in the USA for honeymoon. I have forwarded your email on to Justin so he may comment when able. Many thanks for efficient service 

Reviewed on 29th Jan 2016

They were amazing, everyone is raving about how great the band was, The band were so professional and so easy to talk to, they played all the songs that we requested. You made the process very easy for me. Kind Regards 

Reviewed on 21st Jan 2016

They were brilliant once again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Please pass on my thanks to the band. I’m sure I will be contacting you in the future for another event. Kind regards 

Reviewed on 13th Jan 2016

The band were amazing. Incredible voice and his acoustic set was very well received. After our speeches the remainder of the band did a great job as well. In fact we had a lot of people asking for more details on the band. A good family friend of ours, Robyn, was going to make contact with you to see if they could play at a function in the Wheatbelt. I have also recommended the band to my work for our next corporate function. Kind Regards 

Reviewed on 05th Jan 2016

Grand Boulevard were fantastic, everyone has been raving about them and most importantly the GM loved them. Please pass on our gratitude! Kind regards 

Reviewed on 21st Dec 2015

The band was great. They were punctual and set up behind the scenes. They really made our night what we wanted and don’t think it would’ve been the same without them. I would and will gladly recommend to anyone. Thanks a heap 

Reviewed on 15th Dec 2015

In one word – FANTASTIC! Please thank Grand Boulevard band for a wonderful wonderful evening! The band definitely made our night and the lead member was awesome with filling in the gaps where needed. Thanks so much for organising the band and being so courteous and helpful through the whole process. Kind Regards 

Reviewed on 14th Dec 2015

They were brilliant, thank you! Everyone has commented that “the band were great”, and it showed too with people dancing who normally don’t! Can you please pass on to them our thanks for a great nights entertainment, and we appreciate their effort. Cheers

Reviewed on 08th Dec 2015

Fantastic night !!! The band were great. I have got your details for future functions and referring you guys !! I will forward the invoice onto our accounts dept. Thanks a lot Everyone enjoyed. Merry Xmas 

Reviewed on 01st Dec 2015

They were great – excellent sound, really flexible and worked in with us all the time and played some great songs. Everyone enjoyed them immensely. Thanks so much and I will be in touch for next year’s event. Kind Regards 

Reviewed on 23rd Nov 2015

Our function was a smash hit and the talk of the town the next day. We had a full house with over 250 people at one stage and nearly had to close the doors. Grand Boulevard turned out to be the perfect choice for the event, very talented, a great repertoire, and totally professional which made it all the easier for me to manage the night. They knew exactly how to work the crowd starting out with some nice mellow Fleetwood Mac, building up till they had a enthusiastic crowd bopping away on the dance floor and ending up with a great rendition of Brown Eyed Girl which which sent everyone into a frenzy! I have attached an email which is one of several I have received from our customers regarding the night. Thank you for your assistance and please pass on my appreciation to the band. Regards 

Reviewed on 22nd Oct 2015

The band were great thanks. Enjoyed by everyone! Thanks for all your help with organising the gig. Warm Regards, 

Reviewed on 19th Oct 2015

Could you please pass on our thanks to the band! Everyone had an awesome night and said that it was the best band they had heard play in a long time. Our videographer commented that it was the best band she had heard in all her years of filming weddings!! They did a fantastic job and made our night very special!! Thanks for all of your help! Kind regards 

Reviewed on 06th Oct 2015

The Band was awesome, they could really follow the mood of the people to play the right songs to suit. Also was so much appreciated when the band were able to offer to leave the band equipment there for our use with the iPod, they didn’t have to but he knew it would sound better for us. Thanks again for all your help and please pass along our many thanks to the band for helping to make it a wonderful night! Regards

Reviewed on 29th Sep 2015

I would like you to pass on our thanks to Grand Boulevard for their performance at our wedding Saturday night. They were fantastic. It made such a difference having them there and everyone commented how great the band was. Having the soloist play solo early too made a real difference to the ambiance and was a great touch. Thanks again, 

Reviewed on 07th Sep 2015

The band was great and thorughly enjoyed by the hosts and their guests. They adapted to the mood and proceedings of the evening. There were 80 guests in total. Personally, I would recommend them for future events. Kind regards 

Reviewed on 21st Aug 2015

Grand Boulevard were totally awesome, so accommodating and great fun. They were so relaxed and were able to approve requests that we had. They even let one of my friends sing a song. We had the best time at our wedding, I would recommend Grand Boulevard to everyone. Thanks again, 

Reviewed on 07th Jul 2015

I think the Band was good as I’ve received a few good feedbacks on Saturday night. Regards, 

Reviewed on 20th Apr 2015

Grand Boulevard were great, more than I had hoped for so would recommend to anybody thanks for your help. Regards 

Reviewed on 26th Mar 2015

Great feedback has been received from all, the first comment this morning from my Construction Manager was that he was stoked, they were perfect for the event/crowd and we did well with selecting them so props to you JI was there for about the first hour (5mths pregnant and struggling to stay awake past 730pm L), they sounded great, interacted well with the crowd. I’ve heard that by the end of the night they had a few people up on stage with them joining in and breaking out some moves which is good for something different! Will certainly recommend them for future events. Kind Regards

Reviewed on 16th Feb 2015

Grand Boulevard are amazing… they are such a great band and I think everyone really enjoyed them. They were probably a tiny bit loud for the venue but apart from that… I hope to use them again. Regards, 

Reviewed on 11th Dec 2014

Both went very well thanks.Kind regards

Reviewed on 06th Jan 2014

All went so well on Saturday and my guests and myself were blown away by the band    I was so thrilled with how all worked out and it was lovely that the and mingled with my guests   I think they witnessed some strange things on the dance floor (drink induced)   I had some great feedback and know my friends and colleagues of my husband and I, will be booking them   Thank you again for making my event so memorable    

Reviewed on 17th Dec 2013

Yes all went very well and the band was excellent. Thank you so much. Kind regards 

Reviewed on 19th Nov 2013

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for once again hooking us up with Grand Boulevard - They have never let us down. I even had one couple asking me for their details so they could hire them for their wedding – so I’ll give them your contact number. Please pass my sincere thanks onto the members of the band…… Warm regards,

Reviewed on 31st Oct 2013

It’s Lisa here, Celia is off today. The function went brilliantly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The band as usual were very good. Lots of dancing to be had. Can we book the band again for our ball in 2014. The date will be the 25th October 2014 (at the moment). Either Celia or myself will send through further information as when we have it. regards

Reviewed on 05th Aug 2013

Grand Boulevard was amazing! We had lots of comments on the band all great! Definetely made the night! Thank you for everything! Kind regards,

Reviewed on 14th May 2013

It was a fantastic night, they were great. Many of our guests asked who they were. One teeny complaint would be that they played 2 songs my fiancé and I specifically asked not to play- love shack and grease mega mix :( we hate those songs!!But apart from that we were really happy. Almost everyone was on the dance floor for the last couple of songs.Apparently the soloist was great on his own for the pre dinner drinks too.Thanks again

Reviewed on 24th Apr 2013

It was a great night! The week leading up to the wedding the members were very helpful with song requests and some last minute organising. ...the choice of music and sound was excellent. Regards

Reviewed on 25th Mar 2013

Bloody sensational!!! We had so many people throughout the night and following day letting us know they loved the band. Perfect mix of genres and really worked the crowd well (even let one of the boozed auntie's take the mic for an interesting rendition of khe sahn!). The band were so great, got people on the dance floor pretty early in the night and worked fantastically with my brother, the emcee. Can't praise them enough. Thanks for organising it for us, we couldn't be happier! Cheers!

Reviewed on 12th Mar 2013

Hey, the band was amazing! Everyone is commenting on how beautiful they sounded. They went out of there way to make the night special, atmosphere was lovely and many of our guests were recording there work as they were impressed! Big thank you to the band! James and Larissa

Reviewed on 26th Nov 2012

they were fantastic. Their female vocalist is sensational. Please give them all my gratitude. Warm regards,

Reviewed on 05th Nov 2012

The Band were fantastic again – we are all very impressed with them and would recommend them to anyone.Thank them so much from us, they performed so well and played great songs which got everyone up dancing!

Reviewed on 29th Oct 2012

Our function was great Grand Boulevard were great our guest's loved them. The band were very helpful with finding the right songs for the dances and anything else that needed to be done. I never got to thank him myself if you could let them know that we loved our music? Also if you could let me know if they had there meal and had no problems with anything? I will have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for a band

Reviewed on 15th Oct 2012

Yes, I have had comments the band was very good. Not over the top, not too loud and fitted in with the theme we were having. They were very good Thank you. The event went really well and thank golly gosh the rain held out Looking forward to booking another function with you in the not too distant future Regards

Reviewed on 22nd Apr 2012

I just wanted to say that Grand Boulevard was AMAZING last night! They made our wedding absolutely unforgettable. All the guests were up dancing which is exactly what we wanted. Everyone was asking who they were so I will be making sure that everyone knows their name! Thanks so much :)

Reviewed on 26th Mar 2012

Mate I just got back to work today and got your e mail. Grand Boulevard were absolutely terrific we and everyone of our guests had a great night , the music was great and the night went off without a hitch please pass on a BIG thank you to the band awesome job.

Reviewed on 11th Mar 2012

Grand Boulevard was absolutely awesome. Their easy laid back attitude was much appreciated and they even let some of the guests have a go, i dont think i got off the dance floor. Thanks Ever So Much

Reviewed on 02nd Jan 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we were incredibly happy with the band at our wedding on Friday. I've had so much positive feedback about them -everyone thought they were excellent and we also had people interested in booking them for their own wedding. Thank you again, 

Reviewed on 05th Dec 2011

I forwarded your email to the rest of the Social Club Committee. The responses that I received back were: Amazing and; Awesome The band was very accommodating, Music selection catered for everyone in our group, heaps of variety. Very happy with our selection. Please forward on a big thank you to them from us. It is the entertainment that makes the evening, and so many people had a very enjoyable night. 

Reviewed on 22nd Jun 2010

The band was fantastic and well received. We all had a great night even though it was raining. We have a Variety night coming up on the 30th July and wanted to know if you are able to do. 

Reviewed on 23rd Mar 2010

I have already texted the band on the weekend to say thanks and how brilliant they were. Couldn't speak highly enough of them. We had so many comments on how great the band were and that they did not play a bad song. The singers were great too with setting up Kate to play during our ceremony. She sounded absolutely amazing!!! I'm not sure of the logistics but he managed to have her set up on the jetty which was great! I have already given someone else your number as a referral so you might get a call from Anne if you haven't already... Kind regards, 


Reviewed on 20th Nov 2017

The band was excellent. They got the party going and kept it going all the night, which was just what we needed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a band. Kind Regards 


Reviewed on 01st Nov 2017

Yes all went well thankyou so much. They were all terrific and everyone had a ball, so I would recommend them to anyone. again, thanks for everything leading up to the big day too

terri and craig